National Product Library Initiative (NPLI) is an IPharm flagship in securing the benefit of mega biodiversity of the country. The library is comprised of more than 500 plants, which are sourced from various parts of Malaysia. To build NPLI, parts of the plants such as leaves, fruits, stems, roots or flowers have been used for extractions. The plant extracts are available in methanol/water solution, which are maintained in a pneumatic storage facility. As of now, the storage facility holds 552 extracts, 2,055 partitions and 1,382 fractions. NPLI also provides the information of the plants including their scientific names, local names, ethnomedicinal uses and spectra of the extracts. To spur the drug discovery process from natural products, NPLI is integrated with a high-throughput screening (HTS) facility for a rapid and cost-effective approach. Hence, the art of the NPLI is prospectively seen as an advancing initiative to screen a large and diverse screening library of Malaysian natural products.

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