Banking System: Capital and Liabilities

Total Equities include current unaudited unadjusted profit/loss.

Deposits Under New Investment Fund refer to Government deposits placed with the commercial banks for the purpose of financing new projects (manufacturing, agriculture, mining and tourism) under the New Investment Fund which include deposits for loans to hawkers and petty traders.

Amount Due to Designated Financial Institutions refer to the amount of claims by designated financial institutions on a reporting institution in RM vostro accounts, RM overdrawn nostro accounts, RM borrowings, RM interbank borrowings, foreign currency (FX) overdrawn nostro accounts, FX interbank borrowings and IBS RM and FX amounts due to designated financial institutions which are the IBS equivalents of the aforementioned items.

Bills Payable refer to amounts payable to various beneficiaries arising from the sale of bank drafts, cashier's orders, mail transfers, telegraphic transfers and gift cheques.

Other Liabilities include recourse obligations on loans sold to Cagamas.

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