Gross Domestic Product by Type of Expenditure at Constant Prices, 1970–2014 (Changes in Inventories)

This data set shows Gross Domestic Product for Changes in Inventories at Constant Prices for based year 1970=100, 1978=100, 1987=100, 2000=100, 2005=100 and 2010=100. Data including statistical discrepancy. Changes in inventories are defined as the difference between additions to and withdrawals from inventories. In principle, it is derived by subtracting opening inventories from closing inventories. Generally, inventories generate holding gains or losses as the market prices of the goods held in stock rise or fall. These gains or losses are not the result of production process and thus cannot contribute to GDP compilation. Data Sources: i. Monthly Manufacturing Survey ii. Monthly Survey of Distributive Trade iii. Relevant agencies iv. Quarterly National Accounts Survey

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