Gross Domestic Product by Type of Expenditure at Constant Prices,1970–2014 Private Final Consumption

This data set shows Gross Domestic Product for Private Final Consumption Expenditure at Constant Prices for based year 1970=100, 1978=100, 1987=100, 2000=100, 2005=100 and 2010=100. For Private Final Consumption Expenditure, the quarterly household consumption expenditure is analysed by goods and services group as classified in Classification of Individual Consumption by Purpose (COICOP). Monthly Survey of Distributive Trade and Quarterly Survey of Services are the main data sources. FISIM is also included in the estimation of expenditure. Data Sources: i. Monthly Survey of Distributive Trade ii. Quarterly Survey of Services iii. Quarterly National Accounts Survey iv. Quarterly Balance of Payments v. Monthly External Trade Statistics vi. Monthly Manufacturing Survey vii. Central Bank of Malaysia

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