Daily Projected Rainfall (Scenario CCSM3A1B) for ...

URL: http://www.data.gov.my/data/ms_MY/dataset/cc234729-278e-4590-86e6-0bc8a86f500e/resource/bc7f2514-5c14-4f14-866a-5a1cc310d8e0/download/daily-projected-rainfall-ccsm3a1b-for-2020-by-state-in-peninsular-malaysia.xlsx


Daily Projected Rainfall for 2020 by State in Peninsular Malaysia - Scenario CCSM3A1B - Downscaling from IPCC AR4.

Data has been produced by NAHRIM, downscaled for State in Peninsular Malaysia based on IPCC AR4. Any usage of this/these data must be credited to NAHRIM. NAHRIM will not be responsible for any loss/damage due to usage or manipulation of this/these data without our consultation.


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