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Labour force by marital status and state, Malaysia

This data set shows the number of labour force by marital status for all states in Malaysia for year 1982 until 2021. The statistics is derived from Labour Force Survey (LFS) which is conducted every month using household approach.

Labour force refers to those who during the reference week of LFS, are in the 15-64 years age group and who are either employed or unemployed.

Marital status is categorised as follows:

a. Never married Refers to those who have never been married at the time of interview.

b. Married Refers to persons who are currently married at the time of interview. The term, ‘married’ includes those married by law or by religious rites or are living together by mutual agreement.

c. Widowed Refers to those who have not remarried after the death of the spouses at the time of interview.

d. Divorced/permanently separated Refers to those whose marriages were annulled through divorce by law or religious arrangement or separated for a long duration without any possibility of reconciliation.

W.P. Labuan is gazzeted as a Federal Territory in 1984 while W.P. Putrajaya is gazzeted as a Federal Territory in 2001. The statistics for W.P. Putrajaya for 2001-2010 is treated as part of Selangor. Statistics for W.P. Putrajaya is available separately since 2011 onwards.

LFS was not conducted during the years 1991 and 1994.

Total includes unknown marital status

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