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Grassroots innovators (GRIr) have benefited the community by innovating products and services that are useful and of values to their community. However, their contributions are often neglected, not brought to proper authorities for their development and advancement. GRIr are national assets contributing to social and economic growth. GRIr need proper recognition, capacity building initiative to motivate, sustain them to innovate better solutions, provide leaderships at grassroots level.

This project was funded by The Boeing Company under Boeing Global Corporate Citizenship (BGCC). In the first sequel, the project has successfully accredited 20 grassroots innovators in 2016 and with the BGCC support again an additional 20 grassroots innovators are selected for APE in the second sequel, 2017.

Through Lifelong Learning Initiative - Accreditation of Prior Experience (APE) platform, an individual’s expertise, skills and experiences officially recognized based on National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) into Malaysian Skills Certificate qualifications: Certificate of Competency, MSC levels 1 to 3, Diploma Malaysian Skills or Advanced Diploma Malaysian Skills; awarded by the Government.

The program will be implemented throughout Malaysia, segmented into six (6) zones which are North, South, Central, East Coast, Sabah and Sarawak.

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